Specialty Tools
& Equipment

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Wing Nut Tightener Tool
Wing Nut Tools

• Wingomizer
• Wingomizer Jr
• Cheeseomizer

Specialized Aluminum Exhibitor System Tools

• Teardrop Style 1/4 Drive
• Utility Box Tool Pouch

Modular Interlocking Systems

• 1/4" Drive Tip Kit
• Corner Tool
• Hex to 5mm bit

Octanorm® Modular Systems

• 1/4" T-30 Drive Tip Kit
• Corner Tool
• Hex to T-30 bit

Aluset® Modular Systems

• 1/4" 4mm Drive Tip Kit
• Corner Tool
• Hex to 4mm bit 

Cam Lock Style Fasterner Tools

• Rota-Lock™ Hex Key
• Rota-Lock™ Socket Hex
• Norse® Lock Key
• Norse® Socket Lock

Popular Carpet Tools

• Crain® #304
  Black Beauty Cutter



Utility Box Tool Pouch

Made of tough Cordura with 3" tunnel belt loop or metal clip for securing your tools on your belt at your side.
Carries your carpet knife, your JT 21 stapler, utility knife, and side cutters securely