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Wing Nut Tightener Tool
Wing Nut Tools

• Wingomizer
• Wingomizer Jr
• Cheeseomizer

Specialized Aluminum Exhibitor System Tools

• Teardrop Style 1/4 Drive
• Utility Box Tool Pouch

Modular Interlocking Systems

• 1/4" Drive Tip Kit
• Corner Tool
• Hex to 5mm bit

Octanorm® Modular Systems

• 1/4" T-30 Drive Tip Kit
• Corner Tool
• Hex to T-30 bit

Aluset® Modular Systems

• 1/4" 4mm Drive Tip Kit
• Corner Tool
• Hex to 4mm bit 

Cam Lock Style Fasterner Tools

• Rota-Lock™ Hex Key
• Rota-Lock™ Socket Hex
• Norse® Lock Key
• Norse® Socket Lock

Popular Carpet Tools

• Crain® #304
  Black Beauty Cutter



New Crain #304 Versa-Cutter™
All the things the old modified Black Beauty used to do and more.
  • Uses Personna 61-0017 Carpet Blades plus, standard utility knife blades.
  • Cuts loop pile, Cut pile, and top cutter all in one tool
  • Dual springs to help hold carpet down
  • Steel Foot Plate for use on concrete